Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama Speechifies Some More, Hopes You Don't Notice Even More Private Military Contractors In Iraq or Opposition to 2007 Troop Surge

Observe how the photographer superimposed concertina wire over the armoured vehicles to emphasise that these are US combat units leaving Iraq!

President Obama gave a speech from the Oval Office tonight, which in and of itself is pretty noteworthy considering that he wasn't campaigning or vacationing. The occasion of the speech was to mark the 'official' end of US combat operations in Iraq today, as well as re-writing recent history to suit his own ends. Particularly rich was his throwaway line about "there were patriots who supported this war and patriots who opposed it"- weasel words from a man who's hoping that most Americans have short-term memory that doesn't go back further than 2 years.

All in all, it was a mercifully brief speech- at least by Obama's standards. Chances are he had to switch the topic back to the economy and vacuous, halfhearted platitudes about how wonderful our servicemen and women are (despite protestations to the contrary from his base and own political party) to avoid any mention of the fact that the 2007 Iraq troop surge proposed by Gen Petraeus was vehemently opposed by himself and then Delaware senator Joe Biden- who went on to propose that Iraq be partitioned into three sectors.

Washington Examiner
Since Obama brought up the economy in his speech, it was rather reminiscent of his 'Gee you Army guys are swell, but your silly wars are so gosh-darn expensive' speech from the enemy camp US Military Academy at West Point late last year. As it turns out, the 7+ years of the Iraq war may not have been as big a drain on the Treasury as Obama's failed stimulus plans in his first 18 months in office.

Also, does anybody else remember the frothy, sanctimonious indignation over the use of private military contractors over in Iraq during the Bush era? [I for one think that accusations levelled against contractors were in large part trial balloons for charges the anti-war left was getting ready to level against American troops- NANESB!] Turns out Obama Administration is hiring an unprecedented number of them to fill the void left by departing US forces, according to a New York Times article rather ambiguously titled 'Civilians to Take US Lead as Military Leaves Iraq'. I have yet to hear the same voices critical of the Bush Administration opine on this development, even though it's the worst-kept secret this side of the Tigris River.


  1. I dunno man, looks like you should have started being upset about contractors long time ago.

  2. I dunno man, looks like you should have started being upset about contractors long time ago

    Who said I was? I would be bothered by the double-standard (Bush Admin. does it and it's automatically wasteful and sinister- Obama does it and, well...he's being pragmatic) if I already hadn't seen dozens of examples of this in Obama's first 18 months in office.

  3. Being one myself, keep bringing in the civilian contractors.