Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Missouri to 0bamacare: "Drop Dead!"

73.1% of Missourians Racist!!

Tuesday was Primary day in Kansas, Michigan and Missouri. For the Show-Me state, besides voters heading to the polls to pick each party's candidate for the November elections, there was a ballot measure that some observers are calling an early referendum on Obama and the Democrat's recently-passed healthcare laws.

Missouri's Proposition C Missouri sought to exempt state residents from the federally mandated purchase of health insurance in HR 3590 that was passed back in late March. The ballot measure, sponsored by state senator Jane Cunningham (R-Chesterfield) among others, passed by a margin of just under 75% on Tuesday night.

The measure enjoyed a wide range of support from Tea Party groups and statewide Republicans. Prop C saw little in the way of organized resistance- save for the Missouri Hospital Association spending $300,000 on mailers- and while some Dems running for officer were against the measure, they spent very little time and money fighting it.

Still, some critics of Prop C hold out hope that the measure could be easily be gutted or overturned in the courts (see California's Proposition 8 or Arizona's SB 1070). Even if Proposition C turns out to be merely symbolic, that has not stopped other states from putting similar measures on the ballot. Voters in Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma will vote on similar measures in November, with Tuesday's vote being seen as an early bellweather.

Notice how the early spin on this seems to be 'This won't stand up in court'- not '0bamacare HR3590 is so wonderful- why would you possibly want to oppose it!?"...just 'sit down and eat this turd sandwich already!'.

But as this Administration has shown us before, it won't think twice [or at all- NANESB!] about taking one of the states to court. Particularly a Red state.

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