Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's in a Name? Media, Democrats Try Unique and Novel Strategy Against Surging Alaska Senate Candidate

Earlier this week, CBS News reported that the Democratic National Committee had stumbled upon a brilliant and wholly unique strategy of portraying projected primary winner Joe Miller as some sort of fringe extremist [complete with unflattering photo- NANESB!].

Miller is projected to be the surprise winner of Alaska's GOP Senate primary from earlier this week after holding a narrow 1600-vote lead over incumbent Lisa Murkowski. However, out of an estimated 16,000 absentee ballots which were sent out, there remains close to 8500 left to be counted.

While Joe Miller recently backpedalled from an online message from his Twitter account comparing a possible party switch by Murkowski to prostitution, Democrat National Committee communications director Brad Woodhouse was unable to name thier party's Senate candidate for Alaska on a roundtable discussion on ABC News 'Top Line' webcast earlier this week [it's Scott McAdams, by the way- NANESB!].

Curiously the Democrats don't go into specifics in their allegations of 'extremism' on Miller's part, simply issuing this boilerplate, non-specific statement:
“Joe Miller seems more intent on imposing a strict social doctrine to please his out-of-state tea party backers but would leave the people of his state high and dry,”
Ah yes- those mean old Republicans are going to tell Americans who they can and can't sleep with when the country would be so much better off voting for Democrats who will instead be dictating to us what kind of vehicles we drive and what sort of light bulbs we can use. I think the Dems also running on 'Joe-Miller-thinks-unemployment-benefits-are-unconstitutional' platform based on an interview with ABC News last month.

Goodness, that's almost as ironic as a fat, career union thug decrying Sarah Palin for 'inciting violence' [Hey Trumka! I can see Eddie York's headstone from my house, you worthless fuck!- NANESB!]

Apparently 99 weeks worth of unemployment benefits are in fact constitutionally protected (had to fight tooth and nail for 4 weeks worth of benefits while unemployed for 6 months last year, but what the heck). The Dems want Alaskans to remember that when you go out to vote for Scott McWhatshisname in November!

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