Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Armed Forces Day From Not Another New England Sports Blog!

(Image: US DOD)

Today, May 15th, marks the 61st Armed Forces Day. Prior to 1949, each branch had their own day but shortly after World War II, the Department of Defense decided to consolidate the observance for all 5 branches on one day at President Truman's insistence. However, it should be noted that the US Marine Corps 'Birthday' (November 10) nearly overlaps with Veteran's day and is still widely observed within the USMC. The US Army's 'Birthday' also nearly overlaps with another holiday- Flag Day.

Billy DeVorss

Of course, 1949 was also the heyday of pin-ups, which presents me with another opportunity (however gratuitous) to showcase some pin-up artwork of the era. This 1942 piece by the late Billy DeVorss featuring an almost angelic nurse draped in Old Glory is titled Patriot Girl appropriately enough. Not much is known about Mr. DeVorss' early life, only that he worked as a bank teller in St. Joseph, MO until the early 1930s and was reportedly self-taught as an artist. His works caught the eye of Bigelow & Brown- the Minneapolis-based agency that retained talent like Gil Elvgren- and DeVorss would would wind up working out of their Kansas City offices. Besides the patriotic artwork that was used in recruitment and War Bonds drives, DeVorss also would be commissioned to do artwork for movie posters, Broadway plays and magazine covers.

Oh....and while everybody was looking elsewhere last week, the US Army moved in and occupied Red Square without firing a shot.

[Hat tip: Eat it or Wear it]

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