Sunday, May 9, 2010

Noted Vexilloligist And Asshat Weighs In On Northern California Flag Controversey

Fresh off his shocking discovery that the Tennessee state flag is actually a neo-nazi banner, noted flag expert and husky, pony-tailed blogger Charles Johnson has weighed in on this week's Northern California flag controversy. In case you missed it, on May 5th, school officials at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA told five students who were wearing clothing adorned with the American flag to turn their clothes inside out so the flag wasn't visible or change out of them altogether after receiving complaints from some of the latino students that they considered the attire 'disrespectful'. The students refused and were sent home by the vice-principal. To hardly anybody's surprise, sombrero de culo and the world's best-est race detective weighed in on the side of the Live Oak High School officials and special little snowflake princesses latino students who lodged the complaint. Curiously, at least two of the star-spangled students are reportedly latinos themselves.
...isn’t it blindingly obvious that they [school officials] need to take action when students do things that are designed to create conflict and bad feelings?
How would these bloggers feel if a group of Mexican students came to a school event wearing Mexican flags on July 4th? You can just imagine their overheated reactions. The hypocrisy reeks.
Wow. It's like playing "Count the Mistakes" with Johnson himself providing an embarrassment of riches. Pretty safe to assume that Charles Johnson is indeed the bitter, humorless, childless prick most of us imagined him to be judging from his hypothetical July 4th question. Seriously, how many parents have reminisced about picking up their kids from school on the 4th of July?

OK- Number 1....if a bunch of Mexican kids came to school on July 4th wearing Mexican flags, they'd probably be wondering where the hell everybody went, since Independence Day is a holiday....thus the school would be shut down. Even if there was school in the middle of July, I cannot emphasise enough that it, like many other banks and government offices, would be closed due to the fact that it's a national holiday.

Number two, Cinco de Mayo isn't viewed by Mexicans as a significant holiday outside the city of Puebla, where the 1862 battle against advancing French troops took place. Banks, schools, post offices and even the Mexico City Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores or BMV) are open on May 5th. And if those aforementioned places are up and running on a particular day in a country that loooves it's siesta come crippling currency devaluation or chaotic narco insurgency hell or high water, you can be pretty sure it isn't a national holiday. Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico's Independence Day, as that falls in mid-September.

But what do I know? It's not as though I have multiple Mexican stamps in my passport or stayed with a Mexican family in the country's interior as an exchange student or anything....

Perhaps most obviously, I think wearing clothing adorned with the stars and stripes on a significant Mexican holiday could honestly be considered offensive....and this is very important....if I was doing so in the nation of Mexico. Last time I checked the ol' Rand McNally, Morgan Hills was in the United States of America- somewhere off of US 101. If any 'bad feelings' were created by some students wearing clothing with the American flag on a holiday that's not even celebrated in most parts of Mexico, frankly I think that speaks volumes about who is doing the complaining.

Now granted douchebaggery isn't something that's completely beyond the pale for high-school students, but almost from the onset the complaining students are on record objecting to the students sporting the stars and stripes on what's supposed to be 'their' day. Very little's been said about the 'offending' students conduct, as though their choice of attire is supposed to be offensive in and of itself. Maybe this is nothing more than cliquish high school snobbery and melodrama with each side wrapping themselves up in their respective banner and shouting at each other until they're hoarse. But for those latino students who were complaining about how offended they were about their classmate's choice of wardrobe, perhaps they'd be more comfortable in their corrupt, crime-ridden, poverty-stricken 'homeland' than to take their chances in a disrespectful and intolerant USA.

I'm curious- maybe one of the princesas especial can answer this for me....let's say a fire broke out at the Live Oak campus on May 5th. The Santa Clara County Fire Department is called in....but wait a second! I imagine like many other fire departments, the fire engines and uniforms are adorned with the American flag that they find so offensive. So would the same students complain to the school officials that the firefighters were being insensitive and disrespectful on 'their' day? Come to think of it, they probably walked by a flagpole with an American flag flying from it on their way to or from the campus...should that have been removed so as not to offend their (or Johnson's) sensibilities?

Oh...and just to show us how sooper mega ultra serious the Special Snowflake Princesses offended latino students were, about 60 of them staged a walkout the following day and marched through downtown Morgan Hill to 'demand respect' while waving Mexican flags. Apparently the fact that respect usually has to be earned is something the faculty at Live Oak High School forgot to teach.

Respect can be squandered pretty easily, too. That's something Charles Johnson is learning with each passing keystroke.


  1. Actually, judging by last names, out of the five "offending" students, two are Hispanic themselves, and one is of either Portuguese or Brazilian descent. (The remaining two are Italian and Anglo.)

    The two interviewed on Fox are the Por/Bra and one of the Hispanics.

  2. Are we talking about the same person that insisted on some other blog that La Raza was not a race based organization?


  3. Fenway, try not to let the butthurt show.///