Tuesday, May 18, 2010

National Unemployment Rate At 10%- Holder, Napolitano Still Inexplicably Employed

Apparently Attorney General Eric Holder suffers from some sort of speech impediment that won't allow his the use the words 'radical' or 'Islam' in the same sentence.

Perhaps he should see the same speech therapists who helped the MSNBC 'personalities' get over their reluctance to use 'Christian' and 'Milita' in the same sentence in time for the FBI's arrest of the Hutaree militia leaders in Michigan at the end of March. A case that seems to be falling apart, as three members were released on bail this week.

But apparently there's also a slight learning disability that prevents Holder from reading Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law, even though its much lighter reading than the recently passed healthcare bill.

But Holder shouldn't feel too bad. Apparently Homeland Security Head Janet Napolitano suffers from the same learning disorder when it comes to the same law. What makes it all the more damning is that Napolitano used to be the governor of Arizona herself; a state who's capital earned the dubious honor of being the 'kidnap capital of the USA' under her watch.

Impressed? Me neither.

But please, mainstream media and Democrat talking heads, keep reminding us of how badly we had it under Bush in the rather vain hopes that we won't notice the demagoguery and utter incompetence of those currently holding the reigns of power.

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