Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Speaker Pelosi Finds Religion

The year was 2008. An obscure Presidential candidate named Barack Hussein Obama was on the campaign trail obfuscating his 20-year association with a bigoted hate-preacher and explaining the joys of wealth redistribution to an Ohio plumber. Elsewhere that summer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D- San FranFreakshow) appeared on NBC's Meet the Press in an attempt to singlehandedly rewrite Catholic Doctorine in order to mitigate her pro-abortion stance.

“… I would say that as an ardent, practicing Catholic, this is an issue that I have studied for a long time. And what I know is, over the centuries, the doctors of the church have not been able to make that definition … St. Augustine said at three months. We don’t know. The point is, is that it shouldn’t have an impact on the woman’s right to choose,”

This did not go over well with the cardinals, bishops and numerous practicing Catholics at the time. Look- it's one thing to claim to be both Catholic and pro-abortion, but it's another to flat out lie and tell everybody that most other Catholics and the church itself are 100% down with abortion just like you are. Or that the Church hasn't made up its mind yet. Or whatever.

In advance of the 2008 Democrat Party convention in the Mile High city, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Denver, Charles Chaput, issued a scathing rebuttal to Pelosi's opportunistic and selective amnesia on Church doctrine.

Abortion kills an unborn, developing human life. It is always gravely evil, and so are the evasions employed to justify it. Catholics who make excuses for it - whether they're famous or not - fool only themselves and abuse the fidelity of those Catholics who do sincerely seek to follow the Gospel and live their Catholic faith.

Why are you bringing this up now? you might be asking (and for good reason). I'm not here to singlehandedly fight the abortion debate [although I do find it amusing that the same women's groups who would shout "Keep your laws off of my body!" at pro-abortion rallies apparently have absolutely NO problem with 0bamacare- NANESB!] but it should probably be revisited now that Pelosi's trying to curry favor with the Church once more.

Lately, it seems the human lamprey known as Nancy Pelosi has decided to opportunistically attach herself to the Catholic Church once again, this time weighing in on immigration 'reform'.

"The cardinals, the archbishops, the bishops that come to me and say, 'We want you to pass immigration reform,' and I said, 'I want you to speak about it from the pulpit. I want you to instruct your' -- whatever the communication is," [emphasis mine- NANESB!] said Pelosi, who is Catholic, speaking at the Nation's Catholic Community conference sponsored by Trinity Washington University and the National Catholic Reporter.

And how would the human lamprey with the 28% Approval rating feel about those same Catholic leaders speaking out in opposition to same-sex marriage or abortion from that same pulpit? Or would the Speaker magically rediscover the separation of Church and State once the Catholic Church's opposition to those particular issues were clarified from the pulpit.

Can anybody else believe the unmitigated chutzpah of this caricature of a woman? Not even two years ago, she was on national TV telling the nation the Catholic Church's stance on abortion was uncertain and ambiguous, so her pro-abortion legislative views weren't in violation of the Church's teachings. Now we're supposed to believe that the same church she gave the middle finger to has come crawling to her to beg for her assistance on amnesty immigration reform.

Actually, that could be partially true. Why do I get the feeling that the church officials who visited Pelosi begging for some kind of amnesty immigration reform to pass would be considered 'Liberation Theologians'? For those of you who don't know what Liberation Theology is, think along the lines of Rev. Wright's Trinity Church of Christ or Jim Jones' People's Temple, but under the guise of Catholicism.

Lord knows I'm a far from ideal Catholic. Hell, the only thing that gets me showing up at Mass in the warmer months is the chance to ogle some of the sundress-clad female parishioners. But I'm not going to take the Nancy Pelosi way out and misrepresent my flaws and shortcomings as a Catholic as being representative of the Church and other parishioners in general.

Since you've suddenly and conveniently decided to find religion, Nancy, here's a little Matthew 22:21 for you.

Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's
Catholics are supposed to be a forgiving lot. But Pelosi's cynical and one-sided use of the Church to try and further her own anti-Church legislative agenda is testing the patience of Catholics far more forgiving than myself.


  1. She isn't the only Catholic politician who should be excommunicated and hasn't been, maybe because of generous financial support.

    But every time she presumes to speak of Church matters, she gets it wrong. Can't her bishop impose some kind of gag order?

    OTOH nobody takes her seriously, do they?

  2. Why wouldn't Pelosi be pro abortion, she is a living one. As for her newfound embrace of religion, I thought she worshipped BHO, and he doesn't like competition.