Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NY-29 Update: Patterson Sets Date For Special Election

After a delay of more than two months, the unelected David Patterson has set a date for the special election in New York's 29th Congressional District. The special election for that district will coincide with the New York state general election on November 2nd.
Paterson explained that he decided to wait until November because he doesn’t think new electronic voting machines will be ready in some counties and because of the financial burden another election could have on cash-strapped local governments. He also justified his decision on the ground that voters in the military overseas might not get to vote in a special
I've probably said this before, but an unelected tax and spend northeastern democrat citing a possible financial burden in delaying the special election in a district where the Republican is favored to win would be laughable if it wasn't so insulting. There are also some legal questions in Patterson calling for a special election after July 1st.

For the record, the unelected David Patterson waited all of a month to call for a special election in Upstate New York's 20th Congressional District in January 2009 and barely a week to announce the date of a special election in New York's 23rd District in September 2009.

Thanks to Patterson's machinations, NY-29 will be without representation in Washington DC for more than 10 months- it took him more than two months to even make the announcement. Think of what's going to come down the pike in Congress in the next 10 months (I know....scary, isn't it?). I know that I'm venturing into the realm of the hypothetical, but what would happen if it was an unelected Republican who held off on calling a special election for months at a time in a district thought to go the Democrats way.

If that were the case, alot more people would've heard of NY-29 than they do now.


  1. Paterson sucks.

    I just linked you. Way to stay on top of the NY situation!

  2. If there weren't already a general election in November, NY-29 would still be waiting for representation in 2011.

  3. The democrats are no fools. Putting this seat up before the November election would simply or most likely get another Republican in office and give the GOP even more momentum going forward.

  4. NY would have been better off supplying Spitzer with call girls instead of putting Patterson in office.