Sunday, October 6, 2013

Today's Train of Thought- Goodbye Mr. Chips, Ocotber 6th, 2013

Today's Train of Thought takes us to the southwest corner of Old Dominion and gives us a pretty good glimpse of the supply chain for some of those yummy snacks we seem to enjoy.

Here, contributor Mike Pierry Jr caught Norfolk Southern B32-8 #3550 in charge of NS local V19 on July 23, 2013. The burly GE has a cut of tank cars loaded with vegetable oil for the Shearer's Foods potato chip facility in Bristol, VA.

While Virginia is no Idaho or Maine, it does grow its own potato crop, some of which was just brought in by the Freightliner seen in the foreground. According to the photographer, once the truck pulls out, a batch of hydraulic rams will lift the trailer and discharge to potatoes. Once inside, they will be cleaned, skinned, sliced and united with the contents of the tanks cars on the Norfolk Southern train.

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