Friday, March 19, 2010

President Obama Blows Off State Visit to Australia and Indonesia So He Can Urge Congress To Ram Through Crappy Legislation He Supports

It doesn't matter how much arm-twisting or bribing it takes, how blatant the payoffs are or how unpopular 0bamacare is with the public now; like a spoiled petulant child President Obama has to have things done HIS way or else he won't campaign for the Dems who didn't support 0bamacare or hold his breath or throw a tantrum or something.

And this week, Obama has decided to cancel his State visit to Australia and Indonesia to oversee the Administrations payoffs and browbeating of wavering Senators and Representatives. I really do wish this friggin' clown could address the nearly double-digit unemployment rate or Muslim killers gunning down unarmed GIs on American soil with the same resolute determination he has in trying to implement his pet legislative agenda. But then again, it's taken him nearly a year to get his healthcare proposal this far with a seemingly ironclad Democrat supermajority in both the House and Senate.

Australian PM Kevin Rudd, apparently under the somewhat outdated impression that 0bama is a charismatic and effective leader, seems to have taken the announcement in stride and is hoping the First Family will reschedule their visit for sometime in June instead. Frankly, I think putting off the trip buys into the self-serving and erroneous hype that the current state of our insurance and healthcare system is ZOMG teH biggest crisis EVAR!!!!!11

As somebody famously once said; 'It's the jobs, stupid'.

In the meantime, I wish it would enter our President's head that snubbing two fairly pivotal nations in the Pacific Rim in favor of rushing an unpopular domestic agenda through before it becomes even more unpopular might not make for the best foreign policy. Now granted the only time I feel safe with this current batch of politicians is when Congress is in recess and Obama's out of the country. Still, the Aussies and Indonesians must be thrilled to learn how far down they are on the depth chart of this Administration's priorities.