Sunday, April 4, 2010

Iron Horse Roundup- Coast to Coast in a Flash Edition; March 31st- April 4th

(Providence Journal)

RHODE ISLAND: Due to flooding around Kingston, RI, Amtrak is re-routing trains off the Northeast Corridor. There's been limited service between New York and Boston using CSX's former Boston & Albany mainline as far west as Springfield, MA before heading south to New Haven, CT via Hartford on Amtrak's ex-New Haven line. MBTA Commuter service is reportedly affected between Providence, RI and Attleboro, MA. CSX's Beacon Hill, MA to Selkirk, NY line already MBTA commuter service between Worcester and Boston's South Station and hosts the Boston section of Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited from Rennsalleer, NY on east and the Vermonter between Springfield and Palmer, MA.

(San Diego Union-Tribune)

CALIFORNIA: Rail America's [NYSE: RA] San Diego & Imperial Valley unveiled their new National Railway Equipment gensets last week. The two NRE 3GS21B Gensets (SDIY #701 and 702) will likely replace a pair of leased former Canadian National GP40-2LWs and SDIY's aging former Santa Fe GP7u. The railroad hauls propane, corn syrup, wood pulp and overhead traffic between BNSF and the Carrizo Gorge Railway on San Diego's MTS red trolley service between downtown San Diego and the US/Mexican border at San Ysidro, plus the branch between San Diego and El Cajon, CA- often in the middle of the night to avoid conflicting with the trolley schedule. SDIY will likely retain a pair of GP38-2s and a GP40 from sister road Central Oregon & Pacific.

About 60% of the $3 million price tag for the duo of Gensets will be covered by the San Diego Air Pollution Control District. NRE is reportedly working on a 5-unit order of 3GS21B-DEs for sister railroad California Northern.

This would not be the first Rail America shortline to order genset locomotives new, as Texas-based Dallas, Garland & Northeastern ordered a pair of 2GS14Bs from NRE in 2007.

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