Wednesday, April 7, 2010

President Obama Decides American Military Supremacy, Deterence Capabilities Overrated

The Obama Administration this week announced a revised Nuclear Posture Review [NPR for short] that would further limit the circumstances under which the United States would utilize a nuclear strike.
The new policy narrows the range of threats the Pentagon will seek to deter with nuclear weapons. Because of advances in missile defense and conventional weapons, the new policy states that the U.S. no longer will target most non-nuclear states, even those that threaten use of chemical and biological weapons.
And why exactly are we advertising this change in policy to a global audience that includes hostile nations and groups possessing the latter weapons? If this revision was meant for overseas consumption, that makes it all the more damning.

And what if some of those hostile nations happen to be Muslim? you might be asking. Don't any of you worry, the President has a plan to deal with that as well! Apparently the latest nugget from the current brain trust at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is to omit any mention of "Islamic Radicalism" from strategy and national security policy documents, because to continue mentioning that could harm President Obama's outreach to Muslim Nations- outreach that he wouldn't even let a piddling little affair like last year's murder of an American soldier in Arkansas by a Yemeni trained Islamic Radical person of ambiguous religious leanings interfere with.

Curiously, the Administration and its supporters in the media have decided not to take the same approach with the Hutaree 'Christian' militia group that was arrested in Michigan last week; probably because it doesn't quite enable the democrats to continue 'OMG! TeH RiGHt WInG IZ DaNGeroUS!' narrative that they've been trying to sell ever since 0bmacare passed, despite the objections of much of their constituents.

Here's something to ponder- if this current Administration in the White House thought that the free market system and American Military and Economic supremacy were bad things that had to be undermined at all costs, what would they do differently?


  1. "Apparently the latest nugget from the current brain trust"

    Are you sure you didn't men to write "sphincter"?

    G-d help the USA

  2. About the only thing this administration could do worse than they already have is make Keith Olbermann White House spokesman. Or information czar.