Friday, July 9, 2010

One Nation's Astroturf Yields Yet Another Pitiful Harvest

Riding the momentum of the hugely successful Coffee Party and union bought-and-paid-for The Tea Party is Over comes word from the Washington Post that a cross section of liberal activists have formed yet another sorely needed left-wing group- this one called 'One Nation'- to counter the Tea Party's influence heading into November's mid-term elections.
The groups involved represent the core of the first-time voters who backed President Obama -- including the National Council of La Raza, NAACP, AFL-CIO, SEIU and the United States Student Association.
Gosh- maybe if I listen to the perfectly rational, selfless and mainstream folks at La Raza and the SEIU, I'll forget all about the crappy economy, the inept response to the Deepwater Horizon spill, unemployment teetering around 10% nationwide, the deteriorating situation along the Mexican border, or the job-killing legislation this Administration's been pom-pom shaking for over the last 18 months.
Leaders of the groups have been meeting for about three months in a planning process that some participants called arduous, debating everything from the name of the coalition to what the branding and logo should look like.
Ah yes.....the same people who took three months to come up with a logo and name for the group are the same people who think the USA has been treated to 18 months of mistake-free governance from this White House and Congress, and that we deserve more of the same.

Seriously- three months for a bunch of supposedly like-minded organizations to agree upon a name and a logo? Must be the Deepwater Horizon method of branding. Yet these people will miraculously know what's best for you and me when it comes to healthcare, energy policy, financial regulation and the porous southern border and will act just as decisively.

I'm a tad confused by all this....first the Tea Party was supposed to be a fringe movement of racist, hateful extremists.....but then the American left makes no less than three attempts in the last 6 months to emulate that very same group of violence-prone racist hateful haters.

[Hat tip: Lonely Conservative]

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  1. Agreed: even if I were a liberal, this sounds like a colossal waste of time. Both parties could use better leadership, and should devote more resources to that quest, but that's not something which emerges from activism. I think it might emerge from creating a climate where ideas matter, publications like the right-wing City Journal or the left-leaning Democracy: A Journal of Ideas.

    But I'm not sure. All I know is that it is worth it to find serious people, and this "One Nation" thing doesn't sound worthwhile at all.

    Off-topic: 500 a week isn't bad starting out, not at all. It took me a long while to get there. Putting this post on Stumbleupon, hope that helps some.