Friday, May 6, 2011

Dewey Kloppenburg Defeats Truman Prosser Update- Kloppenburg Picks Up Votes in Recount; State to Decide on Recall Elections By May 31

Apparently a grand total of 148 votes went to Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate at a cost of between $462,000 and $539,000 [last I checked- NANESB!].

JoAnne Kloppenburg had requested a recount of the April 5 election after being the projected winner by a margin of 200 votes, only to have the Waukesha County Clerk announce that her unofficial tally failed to include more than 14,300 ballots from the town of Brookfield, WI. The oversight led to Prosser winning by more than 7,000 votes- more than the 200 vote lead Kloppenburg maintained when she had declared herself the winner, but still within the margin to trigger a recount.

Prosser's supporters have since set up a tongue in cheek website called the Kloppenburg-o-meter that keeps track of the estimated costs of the recount and the number of votes that Kloppenburg has picked up in the recount.

ELSEWHERE IN THE BADGER STATE: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has posted on their website a chart keeping track of the 2011 recall petitons against Democrats who fled the state to prevent a quorum on Gov. Scott Walker's budget bill and the Republicans who voted in favor of it. The Wisconsin State Government Accountability Board has until May 31st to decide on the petition drives to recall 8 Republicans and 8 Democrats in the state senate.

A group seeking to recall state Sen Dave Hansen (D- Green Bay) had their offices burglarized last month saying that petitions, T-shirts and a computer were taken.

Since then, individuals signing some of the recall petitions have reportedly recieved numerous harassing phone calls accoring to Recall Dave Hansen activist David VanderLeest.

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